About Our Coffee
Q. Where is your coffee roasted?
a. Our coffee is roasted in roasting facilities located in Los Angeles and Chicago.
Q. What roasts do you offer?
a. We offer light, medium, and dark roast coffee.
Q. Do you carry Espresso?
a. Yes! We carry several different blends of espresso just like our coffee beans, you can find it on the "grind" option of each coffee flavor.
Q. Is there any sugar in your flavored coffees?
a. No! Our coffee is all sourced from 100% arabica beans and we do not use artificial sweeteners or sugars.
Q. Is your coffee vegan?
a. While we are not certified by the FDA, our coffee contains no egg, fish, meat or dairy.
Q. Do you offer decaf or half-caffeinated?
a. Yes! We offer both decaf and half-caffeinated blends of coffee!
Coffee Accessories
Q. Do you carry mugs and tumblers to drink out of?
a. We are currently in the process of designing several different mugs and tumblers that will go great with our immaculate coffee! They will also be available in bundles with our coffee and other coffee accessories as well!
Shipping, Delivery, Tracking, & Refunds
Q. How much is the shipping rate?
a. We offer flat rate shipping from DHL, UPS, and USPS. The shipping will be calculated from the weight, postal code, size, and courier of the order.
Q. Do you ship to military bases?
a. Absolutely! We support our troops and would love to send them the best coffee on the market!
Q. Where do you ship?
a. We ship to everywhere, DHL, UPS, or USPS will deliver your order.
Q. How will I find out that my order is ready to ship?
a. You will receive a notification that your item is ready to ship, along with compete tracking information so you will also be able to track your up to delivery.
Q. How and when will my order be shipped?
a. Burnt Bros. roasts our coffee fresh and around the clock 24/7. Due to this, it will take 2 business days to fulfill your order once it has been placed. It will then be shipped through either DHL, USPS, or UPS.
Q. What is your return and refund policy?
a. You can find all of the information you need for returns and refunds on this page https://www.burntbroscoffee.com/pages/return-policy